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Titulo Duración Acciones
I Won't Let You Down 3:43
The One Moment 3:44
Turn Up the Radio 2:57
The Writing's On the Wall 3:35
Here It Goes Again 3:5
Needing/Getting 3:54
the-writings-on-the-wall-official-video 4:17
White Knuckles (OK Go) 3:36
Upside Down & Inside Out 3:22
End Love 4:30
Obsession 3:44
This Too Shall Pass 3:57
Muppet Show Theme Song (ft. The Muppets) 3:44
Get Over It 3:25
WTF? (OK Go) 3:45
Last Leaf 2:41
A Million Ways 3:27
Invincible (OK Go) 3:31
Don't Ask Me (OK Go) 3:1
You're So Damn Hot 2:38
Do What You Want (OK Go) 3:15
Interesting Drug (Morrissey Cover) 3:4
What To Do (OK Go) 2:50
Another Set of Issues 3:58
C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips 3:28
Back from Kathmandu 5:2
I'm Not Through 3:37
All Is Not Lost (ft. Pilobolus) 3:25
The Great Fire 4:17
Skyscrapers (OK Go) 3:34
Bright As Your Eyes 2:55
If I Had a Mountain 3:20
Lullaby (OK Go) 3:55
This Will Be Our Year (Zombies cover) 2:10
Any Time At All (Beatles cover) 2:11
Do You Love Me Now? (The Breeders cover) 2:33
Oh, My Little Kitten 3:47
Get Over It (Elevator Version) 2:55
This Thing Has Started (2004 demo) 3:1
You Are Dead (Andy Duncan demo) 3:19
Hot In Herre (Nelly cover) 1:11
The Office Song (2004 demo) 2:31
Make Up Your Mind (Tim demo with Andy Duncan) 3:41
Father Christmas (Kinks cover) 4:14
Wave of Mutilation (Pixies Cover) 3:16
Nite Klub (The Specials cover) 1:59
Oh Lately It's So Quiet (Acoustic) 2:48
Letterbox ( They Might Be Giants cover) 2:8
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (OK Go) 2:51
Bye Bye Baby (Demo) 2:4
Down For The Count (UK B-Side) 3:3
Dynamite (A La Playa, 1995) 2:50


Año Nombre
2017 Interesting Drug
2014 Twelve Months of OK Go
2002 OK Go
2010 Of the blue colour of the sky
2012 Twelve Days of OK Go
2014 Hungry Ghosts
2011 Muppet Show Theme Song
2005 Oh No
2014 Upside Out


Rock Alternativo, Power Pop, Indie Rock

OK Go es una banda de indie rock y rock alternativo formada en Chicago, aunque con sede en Los Ángeles, formada en 1998.

El grupo está formado por Damian Kulash (voz y guitarra), Tim Nordwind (bajo), Dan Konopka (batería) y Andy Ross (guitarra y teclado). Hasta la fecha han sacado cuatro álbumes: "OK Go", "Oh No", "Of the blue colour of the sky" y "Hungry Ghosts". OK Go es conocido por sus creativos vídeos musicales, entre ellos "Here It Goes Again" (el cual ganó el Premio Grammy al mejor vídeo musical en 2007), "This Too Shall Pass", "White Knuckles", "Needing/Getting", "The Writing's on the Wall" y "I Won't Let You Down".

Ganó el Premio Grammy al mejor vídeo musical en 2007 con "Here It Goes Again".

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